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You’ve long been able to buy site licences and ones that renew, but after last year’s release simplified pricing, this year’s continues the move away from annual purchases. What’s perhaps also going to happen, though, is that the product will move away from the desktop.

In version 19, Claris is already championing the ability to develop apps or databases entirely in the cloud, for instance. Claris was famously called FileMaker, Inc, until its recent rebrand. The software’s dropping of its Advanced name — even as it retained all the Advanced functionality — then the dropping of annual releases, it makes us wonder just how different the future of FileMaker is going to be.

For now, though, FileMaker Pro 19 is an exceptional tool for the company needing to make bespoke tools for its staff. If you’re an existing version 18 user, there’s no absolute requirement to upgrade, but the new integrations with Claris Connect, Core ML, and so on, do offer greater possibilities for developers. That’s certainly true but it’s perhaps most appealing if you’re already part of a large team and using the site licence version.

If you’re a one man or woman band who makes their living designing solutions for different clients, it’s a bigger decision. Up to now, you’ve had a capital outlay of a few hundred dollars every year — or, more likely, every two and three years as you skip some updates.

That is a licence for up to 10 users, but that’s irrelevant if you’re an individual developer. Whatever size developer you are, if you currently have, say, FileMaker Pro 18 or even 17, you aren’t throwing that away.

You could downgrade back to these older versions later. But you won’t. You won’t because then you wouldn’t be able to continue developing with the new tools. Claris can easily make the case that FileMaker Pro is a serious tool for serious companies, but if you develop with it, you also know that it is profoundly absorbing and even fun.

You will find reasons to use the new tools just because they are there and they’re powerful. And this is how you get hooked. Previously, there has been one other way that new users got brought in to the community and became addicts. It’s also one way that presumably and actually rather sadly, is surely now over. In what was practically a tradition, Claris used to regularly offer a deal where when you buy FileMaker Pro for yourself, you get an entirely free copy for someone else.

Cooking has never been easier. There are now an incredible amount of accessories that will connect to an iPhone to help out people who love to cook — and here are some of our favorites. Apple’s AirTag is at the center of a new lawsuit claiming the tracking device can be too easily used by stalkers to monitor the movements of victims.

Zendure has launched the most impressive power station yet with up to 3,W of solar input, EV charging, and can be stacked for up to 64kWh of total power. Apple’s update to the iPad Pro lineup introduces its newest Apple Silicon chip to its tablet range.

Here’s how the latest iPad Pro models compete against Apple’s generation. Here’s how the rival tablets square up. The redesigned entry-level Here’s how they compare. Here’s how the two compare. Here’s how the two flagship earbuds stack up. MacCleaner Pro review: Simple, fast app for reclaiming storage space, speeding up Mac. Anmeldung und weitere Informationen unter fmnext.

We recently got a new FM. Loop function for our plugin. It allows you to run a loop in one plugin call and evaluate a lot of things in one line. For example you can loop over items in a JSON array and sum them up. Lets take our first example. We have a JSON area with numbers from 1 to You probably remember this sums 55 from school. The JSON. GetArraySize queries the number of entries in the array. With the loop function we loop from 0 to count-1 to query each of the items int the array and sum them up.

For that we use a Let statement. In this case we first query the value with JSON. Take a look:. For the next example we have a bigger JSON string with an array of objects. You may have got this from a web service. Like this list of prices for items:.

This is the script with a lot of extra backslashes for escaping:. We hope you enjoy hacking JSON like this with our plugin! As you may know, we can query address book in our plugins. When synchronizing the IDs between database, we can store our own ID this way.

To search, we use Addressbook. Query current URLs. Exit Loop If [ 1 ]. End If. End Loop. FileMaker Cloud 1. For more details, please check Release Notes. When a list has focus, you can press Command-F and search inside the list for text: For the upcoming version, we improve the feature and allow you to use Command-G to jump to the next occurrence.

Why you should try Xojo Yesterday I was asked what is Xojo and why should you use it. Xojo comes with a learning curriculum , several manuals and webinars to watch. Xojo Apps are free to distribute, as you only pay license fee once for your Xojo license. Xojo comes with a graphical interface designer, so anyone can layout a window or webpage.

Xojo builds desktop apps for Mac, Windows and Linux from one project. Xojo builds web apps to run on web servers and they offer cloud hosting. Xojo can build apps to run on Raspberry Pi and other cheap computers. Xojo can build mobile apps for iOS and soon Android. Xojo comes with a debugger, which allows to inspect variables, step through code and monitor multiple threads. Xojo can share code between projects, so you can use same classes in web, desktop and mobile projects.

Xojo comes with a community of friendly developers which help newbies. Xojo can connect to various databases. Xojo is a company, where you can actually meat engineers and CEO and discuss Xojo topics in person. Every Developer has to decide which tools to put in his toolbox and use in various projects.

And Xojo is an excellent tool as it can build so many different things in short time. Try it today! The first check-in of SQLite code occurred 18 years ago. Open database, close database, execute a statement. Code for recordsets didn’t exist at that time and came later.

Congratulations to Richard Hipp and his team! As global fields are per session on a server, each user has their own copy in the field, even two users come to the same PDF record. We use a few triggers to do the work. The on record load trigger will process the PDF and put the personalized PDF into the container accessible to the user. They will never see or download the original PDF, but only their own copy.

The whole processing runs on the FileMaker Server and there is no noticeable delay for the user. DynaPDF is quick enough to handle even huge PDFs in a fraction of a second, so the transfer to the browser is the usual bottleneck.

If you like to try, email us for a copy. XDC Videos Have you seen them all? Here the title pictures of all the videos: All XDC sessions are available for attendees of the conference for free on the Xojo website. FileMaker 17 Launch Event bei der Denkform am Mai Am Anmeldung auf der Denkform Eventseite.

Zeitlich vermutlich 18 bis 21 Uhr. Eventuell mit optionalem Abendessen. How about some color? As you see, we just added a new Text. And if you use it with JSON. Format and JSON. Colorize , you get nice formatted JSON with line numbers. Colorize and XML. Format functions. Coming in the next plugin version You can simply load an image with given size from a string specification with gradient as codec.

It takes as parameters two color specifications, either as names or numeric values. With hex notation you can use ffff00 for yellow as example. Or “gradient: 20a0ff- ffff00;” creates the gradients on the right with color effect from blue to yellow. CopyPicture Both snippets create a picture like the one on the right side.

The new GMImage. Today we add new functions ImagePicker. SetOverlayImage and ImagePicker. ClearOverlay to create or remove an overlay image. This overlay image can sit on top of the picker and tell instructions to the user like a frame to have the head of a person inside as guidance to better pictures.

The ImagePicker functions allow you to present a panel to the user to pick a picture from the device, e. SetSourceType function. For the camera, you can use ImagePicker. SetCameraDevice to specify whether you like to get front or rear camera. SetCameraFlashMode defines whether flash should be enabled by default or not. Use ImagePicker. SetCameraCaptureMode to switch between taking photos or videos.

SetShowsCameraControls defines wether the standard camera controls are visible. If you hide those, you can put instructions there for your own use. As you get a script triggered for a new picture, you can automatically close the panel, when a picture is taken.

Coming soon for version 8. Privacy enhancements In preparation for the Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive here in Europe, we made a few more adjustments already to comply better with regulation: If you as client request to see our data about yourself, we can send you an email with records about you in customer database.

If you like to get an export all emails related to you from our email application for a client, we would export them in Apple Mail as PDF. We got contracts for data handling with domainfactory website hosted , Olark website chat and a few others.

Use smart tech such as Core ML for things like image classification and sentiment recognition, Siri Shortcuts for voice-enabled interactions, and NFC reading — all on mobile.

Deploy apps using mobile device management MDM. Deploy custom apps natively on web browsers. Automatic SSL certificate provisioning included.

Use Claris ID, a single sign-on system, to authenticate users. Includes support for multi-factor authentication. Supports authentication via external identity providers including Okta and Microsoft Active Directory.

FileMaker Security Guide. Claris Cloud Services Security. ISO certifications. Add fully-integrated JavaScript in a web viewer. Leverage popular libraries to easily add maps, animated graphics, data visualization, and more to your custom apps. Comes with built-in connector to Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server. Supports Claris Connect , a cloud-based workflow automation service. Use built-in functions to simplify parsing and generating JSON data requested from other data sources.

Allows OData-capable client applications to query and update FileMaker data. JSON documentation. OData Guide. Easily track client connections and activity, work with files and backups, manage system configuration, and more. Data changes are automatically backed up every 20 minutes.

Backups are stored for 30 days and can be easily preserved and restored. Backups are not counted towards storage capacity. Use the FileMaker Admin API to help manage and administer your custom apps by utilizing third-party tools and web services. Run apps on Windows and Mac. Create mobile apps. Share apps on phones, tablets, and laptops. Make instant reports on the fly. Plays nice with others. The low-code platform has allowed someone like me to build a program that our business can actually run on.

Got a business problem? Fix it with FileMaker. Campaign management Product catalog Membership manager Event planner Content library. Case manager Customer surveys Training log Return processing Support contracts. Job tracker Inventory manager Barcode organizer Resource scheduler Equipment maintenance.

The power of the platform. FileMaker Pro.


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Francischorp Use it and protect your code. You’ve always been able to add scripts like this, but now you can oaufen and drop Javascript elements into your app solution. I am attempting to move the directory when a certain file is removed.


Claris FileMaker pricing. Filemaker pro 17 advanced kaufen free download

The on record load trigger will process the PDF and put the kaufenn PDF into the container accessible to the user. If you want to play with the software before making the final ссылка, EPub Metadata Editor is available for you to download at the Internet Archive. TableStatistics function. Many times.❿

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