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LenovoEMC Storage Manager for Windows (LSM) installs on Windows-based PCs to easily discover and connect to LenovoEMC, Lenovo, and Iomega. Changes in Version – Release date 07/08/ Corrects a problem passing arguments when executing Additional Actions menu. replace.me › downloads › dslenovo-thinksystem-storage-. Lenovo ThinkSystem Storage Manager for Windows for DE Series ; File namelnvgy_utl_storagemanager__windows_xexe ; Size MB. LenovoEMC Storage Manager is a software solution that was developed for Lenovo devices users that enables them to connect to personal cloud.❿

Lenovoemc storage manager for windows 10.Download LenovoEMC Storage Manager for Windows – GetWinPCSoft


Let me just start with this – With over 25 years of network engineering, technical support and problem solving under my hat and having gone around the IT block a number of times in major corporations. I have to say that I finally ran into the worst piece of coding that I have ever witnessed in my entire professional career.

What I witnessed was totally shocking and I just want to post this here for other Spiceheads to take note of. I also hope someone from Lenovo sees the post as well. I lenovoemc storage manager for windows 10 a friend call me recently desperate for help, she manages a small IT staff of 3 people for a Property Insurance Underwriting Company that does a boat load of work.

My friend stated that they had a long time consultant on staff that handled ludo king for pc windows 10, if not all of their IT work, but sadly he passed away leaving them in a bind.

The remaining staff on hand where never properly trained on how to handle the situation that they where in now. My friend stated that for the past few weeks посмотреть еще where having serious network issues, to the point where they would have no connections to the internet, outside customers couldn’t reach their network nor could most of them work within their own network.

Working with their ISP they where informed that their ISP was seeing large spikes of traffic originating from their network followed by large bursts of traffic heading back to them. All answered as a no, everything has been the same, but suddenly their network is failing them. Second line get over there and do an assessment myself, check the hardware get a packet tracer on as well and capture everything.

Fortunately for me it was a daily occurrence, but unfortunate for them so I didn’t have to wait around for it to raise it’s ugly head. And, yes just around the time that the network would go to trash. What it was traced back to is a vendor loaded yes we can all say it BloatWare application called LenovoEMS Storage Connector – specifically a process that it was running called get this Discover. The process on this laptop was generating an inordinate amount of NetBios Name Searches that weren’t just local Broadcast but direct target packets.

And, it was doing it fast and furiously this process is insatiable and belligerent at its job of discovery and it will grind a network to a crawl. If you are still here then lets take a look at some screen captures along with my comments.

I kept the screen captures small because there are quite a few of them and I wanted to get my point across to you all. These addresses are not local to my client these are external public IP addresses masked out a bit but you will get the idea. First Screen Shot – Basically if you do a network trace wireshark. I thought WINS et. Keep paying attention to the Time stamp and look at the destination, see what it’s doing?

See how fast it’s dumping these packets on the network? Look where we are now relative to time and what the destination is – This is the beginning of a self generated DDOS attack not my clients doing but graciously provided by a vendors piece of bloatware that most people have no idea what it’s for, why its running and if it’s needed.

And remember what I stated as being targeted directly, well I guess that one might get replies. Especially if Netbios Packets are allowed out of ones own network I have more work to do here for my friend but worse if the receiving side lets them in. One thing to note here, the process seemed to stop it’s Netbios Name Search Queries once it got a reply in order for it to spam an ARP request.

Again please note time, look этом free download asus touchpad driver for windows 10 пишите destination and note that the Lenovo Yoga figured that since it had the network pretty much to itself why not try to get some other work of it’s own in as well. It’s belligerent as I stated – once again note the time and where we are with the targeted destinations. Check the time now and it’s still going along – I took a long trace because I wanted to dissect it.

Throughout the trace there where minimal packets that I saw all ports where mirrored on the switch to the Wireshark from any other device, granted they where there but this process was doing so much that other processes on other devices where just timing out.

And with garbage being thrown on the internet, I guess one should expect a heap load of garbage in return. OK Lenovo what is going on with this application? I checked out the laptop in question, I didn’t find any file or any place to make a Вами pom qm for windows full version free download free попали change in regards to what parameters this process should run with.

As I stated my friend said it was going on for a few weeks, I wouldn’t put it past that this process started at 0. Did my client miss something? Why is this even installed on a Laptop? I can understand that maybe an application like this would be included with the actual посетить страницу источник device. So what I instructed my client to do who has another 40 of these on order – call back Lenovo explain the issue that occurred with their bloatware that is installed and tell them flat out cancel http://replace.me/21429.txt order microsoft project 2019 bit free thanks but no thanks we are going to take our business elsewhere.

Maybe, just maybe vendors will finally give up with installing applications that customers generally don’t want or need. If it was the T-series, you will be hard pressed to find something comparable. Not sure why they don’t just re-image them with their own install when they come in. This reminds me of my relationship with Apple when it comes to my iPhone and iTunes. Sometimes lenovoemc storage manager for windows 10 just have to put up with something to get lenovoemc storage manager for windows 10 здесь return, in this case a good smart phone and in yours good hardware.

I’ve only one client with a Yoga 13 but I’ve never heard of any such issue. If I can get a remote session to the machine I will check for Discover. Perhaps a fluke of some sort? It does seem odd that it would look to scan the entire v4 address space like that.

Others have already started posting of such in the Lenovo Forums as well – I added my dissertation there as well. Only recently have postings started so it’s just not my one instance of this as some sort of anomaly. Some stating the same symptoms routers go to trash, network goes to a crawl. Some users complaining what they perceive as a WiFi issue since the device only comes equipped with such. Fred Ferrell remember hardware is only as good as the software that supports it. I did mention it’s a 3 person IT shop didn’t I?

Personally if one could just buy a Laptop or for that matter any PC, with the customers choice of OS along with the required drivers and more importantly just the essential and necessary software to make it work lenovoemc storage manager for windows 10 would all be better off. If their Hardware is as good as you say and believe it is, then let that stand as merit for potential customers to chose it over everything else among the crowd.

What favor is Lenovo doing for my client or anyone else with including this software? But a laptop? Joel – Don’t think it’s a fluke as I stated others in Lenovo Forums have already posted about the issue as well. I know recently Lenovo acquired iomega from EMC I believe maybe their current build offerings are starting to include this piece of bloatware.

And no, I did not query Lenovo tech support before mentioning to my client that they may want to reconsider purchasing the same model from Lenovo if this is what they are shipping. My client doesn’t have the time or resources to expand on it, All they want to do is purchase a Laptop that will work out of the box and obviously not cause issues.

Seriously, I can’t begin to tell you how many problems I have resolved in my life time that is due to OEM Bloatware, I make a pretty good dime off of it as well. Was just curious what their stance was. I would lean towards this being a new addition to their image sperhaps even in error. I do tend to like lenovo’s hardware – pretty solid quality but I do hear you and agree about OS choices and bloatware though it’s a fact of life with just about every PC vendor these days isn’t it.

Either way, appreciate the heads up. Thanks for the heads up. This look like a lenovoemc storage manager for windows 10 mistake by Lenovo, and I wonder about the legal position if a customer gets blacklisted by their ISP for generating this traffic.

It is easy to talk about re-imaging systems, but many customers just will not have the resource or knowledge in house to do this. Is it too much to expect to be able to but a laptop and just have it work out of the box? In a perfect lenovoemc storage manager for windows 10 backups wouldn’t fail either, but they do. All of us know that it is a matter of when something breaks and not if This is the same with laptops.

We just have to deal with it. Also, building a clean image is really easy Install the OS, update it, install drivers, run sysprep, and then boot the PC from an imaging disc and save it to a hard drive. Lenovoemc storage manager for windows 10 is extremely easy and I know many one man shops that do this.

Point taken about things breaking, I can understand that, as anyone in this business should. Sure, at one point perhaps a CD-Rom drive will break, a Hard drive may malfunction, OS May become corrupt or maybe a print driver fails after an MS Hotfix and yes in a perfect world your backups would run daily never having lenovoemc storage manager for windows 10 issue.

Why is there a piece of code installed and running on a brand new out of the box laptop that has absolutely nothing to do with how the laptop functions on an everyday basis?

That’s the catch. Without this, the laptop would have probably ran as it should. Yes maybe something breaks down the road, but having the vendor throw on some BloatWare that isn’t integral to the actual daily use of the devices and which lenovoemc storage manager for windows 10 caused a serious major issue, Should we talk about their lenovoemc storage manager for windows 10 and the money that they lost do to lost business?

As someone pointed out, my clients IP address could have wound up being black-listed because of it. Seriously there is no legitimate argument on why this software or for that matter any bloatware should be included within an OEM build.

If I bought an actual LenovoEMC Storage Unit then by all means give me an application that’s supposed to work with it which might make it more efficient for use. In this case my client only bought a laptop. Next about imaging – I challenge you to buy a laptop give it to say your grandma and tell her, grammy here’s what I need you to do, I want you reformat the Laptops hard drive, I then want you to Install the OS, update it, install all the drivers, then run a sysprep, and after that boot the pc from the imaging disc and save it to a hard drive.

See how far you get with lenovoemc storage manager for windows 10. Yes for you and I we can get the job done, I’m a one man shop with that kind of knowledge and experience but in some lenovoemc storage manager for windows 10 you will find that this isn’t the case as they just don’t have the resources to expend on it, take Non-Profit organizations for instance. We have been using Yogas for several months with no issues.

By the way. If you don’t remove the EMC Storage software the Yoga machines will scan your network constantly looking for a backup target. This may bring down MS Windows servers or at least slow them down We just had this issue on a Ts we deployed a few months ago. We uninstall most of lenovoemc storage manager for windows 10 Lenovo Bloatware but that was missed and sure enough, it had oversessions on our firewall, bringing our whole office network down. We removed lenovoemc storage manager for windows 10 offending machine from the network and everything was fine.

I’ve since uninstalled it from the other Ts machines we have in the office to lenovoemc storage manager for windows 10 further problems.


Lenovoemc storage manager for windows 10

If you don’t remove the EMC Storage software the Yoga machines will scan your network constantly looking for a backup target.❿

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